Malabar Pina Colada

Let's face it — few drinks conjure up tropical paradise more quickly than an icy-cold pina colada! Enjoy this alcohol-free mocktail all summer long — most will never know there isn't a drop of alcohol in it! Just be sure to leave enough time to cool the brewed tea. This also makes a delightful punch for a brunch or summer bridal shower.


2 tablespoons Citrus Green Tea
1 quart filtered water
2 1/2 cups pineapple juice
1 cup cream of coconut
1 teaspoon rum extract (optional, but good!)
Ice cubes


In a saucepan, heat water very hot but not boiling — about 185°. Add tea and allow to steep 4 minutes. Strain and allow tea to cool.

Add brewed tea, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and rum extract to blender jar. Add a handful of ice cubes to the blender and process until mixture is cold and slushy. (Depending how 'frozen' you like your drinks, you can add more ice cubes.)

Pour into tall glasses and garnish with a pretty straw (or umbrella!) with a slice of pineapple or sprig of mint.

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