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Chai Spice Blends Are in Stock!

After a six month hiatus, our chai spice blends are back in stock! As many of you know, availability for one of our primary spice ingredients for our chai spice blends was severely impacted the last couple of years. Scarcity drove the price of cardamom to eye-watering, sky-high prices this past spring and we decided to stop production of our chai blends.

Recently, we were able to acquire a small amount of cardamom and we have blended a couple of batches of our chai blends for the holiday season. We apologize for the price increase, but it's still a bargain to make chai at home vs. Starbucks!

We also have our Golden Chai available too — it's a robust, earthy chai with turmeric and a blend of sweet spices. It's delicious lightly sweetened with a bit of honey or maple syrup.

The chai spice blends will be available in bags this year with the exception of our new holiday gift boxes which will include chai spice blends in tins.